Our Global Workers

We partner with people who make a difference, both in Québec and around the world. When you give at Evangel, you help to make meaningful change!

  • Hector & Ruth Aragon - Guatemala

    Hector and Ruth have been actively involved in evangelism and administration for ChildCARE Plus (CCP) since January 1997. The program currently benefits 14 schools and 492 sponsored children and youth in Guatemala. Each school is the evangelistic and training outstretched arm of the local church, providing education from the elementary level up to technical studies. The Aragons host many short-term missions teams which help with ministry, completing building projects and providing medical services. They also engage in teaching and preaching in churches and gatherings of pastors and evangelists.

  • Michel & Louise - Latin America & the Caribbean

    After working in Ivory Coast for nine years, they felt called to this area in 1996, where they have built a school and a church. The school, sponsored by Child Care Plus, a branch of ERDO, welcomes nearly 700 children a year from kindergarten to grade 13. After graduation, many pursue higher education due to the impact made by qualified, devoted teachers. The school welcomes children and young people from 4 orphanages, including boys and girls from the street. They want to begin investing in community welfare by partnering with other schools to provide quality education and care to the children within the region. The church has become a haven for the children within the community, providing care, security, and resources for them and their families.

  • Dino Fonte - Cuba

    Dino has been leading church teams from Evangel Pentecostal Church in Montreal since the mid-1990s. The purpose of these teams is to provide the funds to do renovations on home churches or meeting halls and to bring sound equipment and many other things that are not affordable to the churches. Dino has seen the spirit of one city change by the Power of The Lord. The next city he believes will be changed is the city of Palmira where there are three satanic churches and the highest per capita of witchcraft in all of Cuba.

  • Stephen & Patti Hertzog - Slovakia, Eurasia

    Steve serves as the Regional Director for PAOC International Missions in Eurasia. He oversees and empowers 40 amazing PAOC Global Workers engaged in “extending the Kingdom and serving the peoples” in 15 nations from Siberia to Spain, England to Israel. Steve’s passion is developing a healthy and effective team of leaders, churches & colleges to see revival come to Eurasia. Patti will focus on fighting for social justice in the region, specifically in combatting human trafficking, organizing humanitarian aid, and caring for women in ministry. With an area spanning twelve time zones and a population of 742 million… including millions of Muslims, Jews, atheists & nominal Christians… reaching Eurasia is a big job… and they would love your help!

    Click here for their most recent update.

  • Joy Johnston - Uganda & Northern Québec

    Joy serves as Director for Missions with Pentecostal Assemblies of God Uganda. Her mandate is to further develop the denomination's missions sending—particularly as they take steps towards global missions initiatives. She sensitizes leaders about missions. She equips cross-cultural workers to go. She mobilizes churches to send. The ultimate goal is to add Ugandan workers to the global missions force making Christ known to the least reached—in Africa and beyond. God's passion "that all may hear" shapes and drives her ministry. God marked her with this passion early in her ministry, as she shared the gospel with people who had never heard the name of Jesus. The impact remains fresh.

  • Danielle Klingelhofer - Montréal

    Danielle has been on staff with InterVarsity Canada as a McGill campus minister since September 2018. She creates home-away-from-home community for international students, building friendships while discovering Jesus together. Danielle enjoys being part of others journey’s towards transforming faith in Jesus! She believes it is such a gift to be able to share God’s love with others.

  • Cal & Chrissy Krahn - Montréal

    With almost 30 years of ministry experience, Cal and Chrissy have often been drawn to those outside the church walls. As Mission Canada urban workers to Montreal, Quebec, they care for those around them who may be lonely, broken, hurting, or in need. This could be through working at a local food bank, sharing a cup of coffee with someone or simply handing out a granola bar to someone who’s hungry. They desire to embody "the Jesus Way" in their community by living their lives based on the example of Jesus; full of generosity, hospitality and love. Mission Canada encourages you to pray for and support this couple as they intentionally go and be among both English and French speaking Canadians, introducing those of all ages to a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

  • Don & Marie-José Mann - Worldwide

    After living for ten years on African soil, Don and MJ are now Canadian based Global Workers living in Montreal, Canada. Don has been reappointed to a new position with the GlobalEd Institute, as a Leadership Development Specialist and Director of the Quest Leadership Program. As the Director of the Quest Leadership Program, Don will use his 40 years of pastoral and missions experience to provide direction for the development and delivery of equipping programs and services that will serve national churches, national missional workers, untrained pastors, students and alumni of bible colleges, in their pursuit of character and spiritual development. Chitenge Creations is a sewing initiative created by Marie-José. There are presently two schools, one in Pretoria, South Africa, and the other in Pretoria's Mamelodi Township, where up to 90% of the women are unemployed.

  • Pierre & Marielle Paradis - South Africa

    After 15 years in Africa doing theological and missiological training, Pierre and Marielle Paradis now serve in West Africa, beginning with Senegal. Pierre and Marielle previously served as Director of Program at MET (Missions, Exposure and Training) in Pretoria, South Africa. Their desire is to see Africa become a missions sending continent; sending missionaries within their own boundaries, across the continent and to the uttermost part of the world. The Paradis plan to minister in West Africa and help national churches to improve their mission structures. You can partner with them in the task of raising African missionaries.

  • David Ritz - Montréal

    After interning for a university church in Montreal for a year, David’s desire to impact the student population in Montreal only grew. During the same season of life, David met and married Jeannie who had a similar desire for student ministry.

    David and Jeannie have now lived in Montreal for the past six years where David has been serving Anglophone students at McGill University. But more recently, they have felt God moving them in the direction of serving Francophone students in Quebec. If faith is difficult on Anglophone campuses, it is even more difficult on Francophone campuses (universities and CEGEPs), where there is very little to no gospel presence. 

    Part of David's on campus involvement is through Red Frogs, a support program that provides direct relief from alcohol and drug related issues.

  • Zhenya & Bogdana - Ukraine

    Zhenya & Bogdana serve at a local church-planting, pastored by Vadim & Tanya; they have been actively engaged with church planting, working with at-risk youth & children through local ministries and orphanages. They work hard to create safe space, where young people & children can become healthy spiritual leaders in their communities & churches. They also work in partnership with Ed Dickson and his "Loads of Love" ministry.