Constance is a marketing professional, writer, and artist. She made her first linoleum block prints as a child. Later, she learned etching, screen printing, Japanese book binding, and several other artistic mediums. In 2017, she studied Japanese wood block printing (moku hanga) with master printmaker Matt Brown in New Hampshire.

In this workshop, we’ll learn about 1-color and 2-color linoleum block printing, a fun and easy method for printing artwork without a lot of expensive printing equipment. We’ll explore the potential of this medium while looking at inspiring examples from other artists. You’ll learn how to plan a 1-color print, transfer your design to a block, use block-cutting techniques, apply ink to your block, and print onto paper. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a set of greeting cards. We’ll aim for you to make at least 15 prints of your design.