Evangel Staff

The staff at Evangel love what they do, and each person has their own unique blend that they add to the team. Looking to learn more about them or connect? Look no further! 

  • Pastor Patti Miller

    Lead Pastor

    Pastor, blogger, urban-dweller, sometimes-runner, who laughs at her own jokes. Loves her spiky-haired husband Jeff, and visits Ukraine any chance she gets. Most of all, she's a follower of Jesus, loved by God.

    She also sends out a weekly newsletter!<< click here to get it!


  • Pastor Rob Moore

    Executive Associate Pastor

    Pastor Rob joins the Evangel team hot off the missions field, after 7 years in Thailand he's settled in Montreal. He's happily married to the love of his life Jana and together they have three awesome kids; Jared, Madison, and Chelsea. He enjoys a good steak and... the Toronto Maple Leafs... so in other words he is a man of strong faith! 


  • pastor Pauline richard

    connections & membership pastor

    Pauline has been a part of Evangel for over 30 years now, and is still full of surprises! After having served at a women's shelter for a while now, she has become part of Evangel's team and brings her joyous enthusiasm and lively energy to Evangel's connections ministries!

    ext. 105


  • Pastor TIM CUMMINS


    Tim, proud husband to Leah and father of four amazing kids, has spent more than a decade working with youth, tweens and young adults in Ontario. They love board games, having people over, being outside, and "always" see eye-to-eye on everything (even though Tim is 6 foot 3, and Leah is... not). Come say hello! 


  • Richard Tandirerung

    Worship Team Leader & Assistant Youth Leader

    "The Return of the Jedi" aka "Komodo" // Indonesian + Filipino // Married to Pebhe, attached to Kobe (standard poodle) // Big glasses only // Sneakerhead // Lakers forever // I eat everything.



    Children's Ministry & OUTREACH DIRECTOR

    They say that first impressions last! We're so glad for the way that Jonatas takes care of our outreach and our Children's Ministry! Coming from Brazil with a giant heart to serve, you'll see him loving his job with a big smile on his face! 



  • Jasmine Nassif

    operations: facility management & rentals

    If you need information regarding in-house facility use or rentals at Evangel, Jasmine is the person to talk to. A multitasker with a quick wit and a ready smile; she's always ready to help in whatever way she can! 

    ext. 101


  • Nancy Tosh

    operations: finances & Human resources

    When it comes to numbers, Nancy keeps us balanced! Always one for a good laugh or a quick chat; she helps keep things in the office lighthearted and fun. If you bring her coffee, she will be your best friend.

    ext. 122



    Administrative assistant

    Rebecca is the very first person you'll see when you come into the office. Bring her a cup of [not coffee], and she'll gladly give you high-end ski lessons! (Just joking she won't.)

    ext. 0




    Hearty laugh, big personality, and passionate guitar player - these are but the tip of iceberg when you're getting to know Josh! If you see him around on Sunday taking care of our facilities, feel free to [bump into him and] say hi!


  • Adrian Sivira


    Beard wearer. Funky sock fan. Full time kid. Loves when things are done well, and when things look and sound good. These are just a few of the things you can expect from Adrian!



Left to right, Top to Bottom: Pastor Rob, Pastor Patti, Nick Othieno, Gary Connors, eddy lee (Secretary),

Andrea Knowles, nilendri fernando, Susie Abuli-Ongachi (treasurer)